Le restaurant

Le grand café de la gare

Découvrez les plats préparés pour vous dans notre restaurant.

  Fresh fish soup 10.50€  
  Patta Negra ham « Bellota Sanchez » 27.50€  
  Beef carpaccio 12.80€  
  Rudy's grey schrimps croquettes 16.00€  
    Duck foie gras on toast 50 gr 16.50€  
  Lukewarm salad of quail, foie gras and smoked duck 14.50€  
  Bass roulade with leek 12.00€  
    Warm pike quenelles, sauce Nantua 12.00€  
  Codfish with parsley butter and vegetable pie 23.10€  
  Boned sea bream in beurre blanc sauce, mixed vegetables 22.00€  
  Ray wing with capers 26.10€  
  Turbo and Belgian endive 33.00€  
  Grilled salmon with rosemary 24.00€  
  Sole from Zeebrugge 39.00€  
  Fisher man marmitte 25.00€  
    Brill in lobster crust  35.00€  


  Liège-style veal's kidneys 23.00€  
  Steak burger Angus beef 15.50€  
  Beef rib-eye Angus 31.00€  
  Braised veal knuckle with its marrow bone 23.00€  
  Beef steak « Tagliatta » with rocket salad and parmesan 22.00€  
  Scottish cube roll 700g for 2 pers p.pers. 35.00€  


  Steak tartar served with large chips 17.00€  
  Preserved duckling leg with garlic potatoes 21.00€  
  Blanquette of veal with vegetables 17.60€  
  Warm chitlings sausage 16.00€  
  Grilled duck thigh in Bearnaise 23.00€  
  Gratinated black pudding with mushy peas 13.90€  
  Liège style meatballs 14.00€  
  Rabbit leg in Aubel syrup sauce 21.00€  
  Chicken vol-au-vent 16.00€  
  Grilled pig's trotter 12.50€  
  Gratinated ham rolls with Belgian endive 13.90€  

Terrine de campagne

Civet de biche, airelles et poire

Glace aux cerises amarena                             21,50 €